Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And You Too, Canada

Tomorrow I will be exercising my American Freedom by doing nothing, which is my most favorite thing, and the one at which I'm most skilled. What I mean by "nothing" is that I plan to use my government-sanctioned day off to enjoy my two dude-people, and take the opportunity to free-form it. The heat's not supposed to be especially brutal, so I'm looking forward to some wandering, some relaxing, possibly some ice cream, and probably, after HR is tucked in for the night, the grown-ups watching the Pops on TV and tipping back a frosty beverage or two. The American Dream, right here ladies and gentlemen.

Then it's back to work for one more day, then off until Tuesday. Tight.

Today's musical selection is courtesy of Mike, who heard this on the radio and said, "how has this song not made it to your blog?" How, indeed? I have always appreciated the talent of Ms. Norah Jones and find her to be mad beautiful, but her music thus far has been a bit of a snore to my ears. This composition--a gleeful breakup song-- is aptly named. Just the opening notes make me want to do a little dancey-dance.

Happy! Independence! Day! Whatever that means to you.

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