Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Also, Joan Jett!

Has it been a long time since I've made a random list of fine things? Maybe it's the rather satisfactory sleep I've experienced the past few nights which could very well be the secret to the universe, or I just have an abundance of fine-ness in my life, but whether or not I'm due for a list masquerading as an entry, I want to write one. So here's the good stuff.

-Air conditioning. It is not my preferred climate control method, I much prefer a fresh breeze, but when there's not one of those anywhere in creation, having AC is a gift. My heat tolerance goes down with each year added to my age (thanks, Mom!) and these days I nearly can't function without my blessed window units. The golden moments of my recent life consist of Mike and me retiring early to our icebox of a bedroom, where I catch up on my shows while he works on the laptop in cool comfort and the monitor shows me HR asleep in his own cave of a room next door. The simplest things can deliver the biggest returns, and it will be worth any spike in our energy bill.

-Ben & Jerry's frozen greek yogurt, particularly the blueberry and graham cracker flavor. I have no desire to replace ice cream in my diet, I just wanted to try this product, and it's an entirely different, tart, delicious animal as frozen desserts go. I will be purchasing it again, it's most wonderful.

-Unexpected moments, for example, there was a point during the camp out when it was late at night and everyone wanted to go for a swim. I was not about to leave HR sleeping in the tent out in the field, so we agreed that Mike would be the one to go because he felt more like swimming anyway. When everyone was gone and it was just me and the fire and the stars and the baby sleeping 50 yards away, I experienced this feeling of total appreciation for what I had at that moment. I mean, when's the last time I was alone in silence, in nature, without so much as a phone to entertain me? It was so lovely to breathe in the solitude, the total removal from my everyday life. Until I remembered I was in the damn woods and like 10 kinds of animals would be coming out to devour me at any second. That bit of time was transcendent.

-Now that HR's vocabulary has exploded, he's come up with some adorably creative mispronunciations. They are so cute I can't bring myself to correct him, so if he's still calling computers "pig-u-ters" when he's 45, that's my fault. Some other winners: "festib-u-val" (festival) and "pos-i-ca-pull" (popsicle). Every day he says at least one thing that slays me with wonder.

-Date night's a comin'! Mike's brother and sister-in-law asked at the beginning of the summer if they could watch HR some night and we were like, "Let me think abou.... YES." So we've got them nailed down for Friday night and we have no plans yet aside for getting out of the house together for some seriously rare one-on-one time. I'm really looking forward to it.

-It's that most glorious of times, book recommendation time! I am deluding myself into thinking I'll get to do some beach reading when we go away, so with all my high hopes I'm planning to go out and snap up a shitload of paperbacks. I don't want anything super weighty, subject-wise, but I'm not too strict about that when it comes to the right book. So what say you, fellow readers? If anyone says 50 Shades of Barf I will consider it a declaration of war.

-It's Wednesday, which means it's dancing show night.

-Hmmm, this song. This is a good 'un.

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