Monday, December 19, 2011

The Life

So busy! So happy! Work life is on full tilt until I get to make my Christmas escape at the end of the week, and home life is packed too, but there's all good stuff in the mix. To wit:

-#1 son has gifted me with a four-nights-in-a-row return to normal sleep habits (no jinx!). Don't know if my midnight patience paid off, or he just remembered how to sleep on his own but either way it's awesome.

-Mike and I finally invested in a treadmill as a our present to ourselves and our future selves, and I put some happy miles on that baby first thing this morning. Running outside is always better, but when the weather report is saying 19 degrees I'm content to stay inside and get my sweat on, robot-style. Plus the overachiever in me gets a thrill from being able to chart my progress so easily.

-Man we have good friends. Just in general, but we also cherish them in a special way when, say, they'll assist in the daunting project of getting said treadmill into our house when the delivery guy bails. Thanks, dudes! To more friend time in 2012!

-I have a date with the final Harry Potter movie tonight, I've been looking forward to it for so long, and though it would have been better in the theater, nothing sounds more delicious to me tonight than kicking back on my couch and seeing off my Hogwarts friends in the comfort of my home and stretchy pants.

Major Holiday Preparations commence tomorrow. For now, I'll be taking advantage of a chance to chill.

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