Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bring Out Yer Chex Party Mix

I have a few hours' worth of work left to do, then I'm off through Christmas. I'm so very thrilled about this, both the time-off factor and the holiday itself. I think I'm finally starting to get in touch with my inner elf, which is a lucky thing because I have a bit of wrapping to do tonight and that's just a boring chore if you're not in the right mood. So I haven't bought all my presents. So my chocolate-covered peanut butter balls failed, big-time. I'll get gifts to people by the time I see them most likely, and really, do I need to add my sugary fatty contribution to an already overflowing buffet of party food happiness? We'll all pack on our little Christmastime food babies without that particular bit of help from my kitchen.

Hmm, this attitude is pleasing me. We'll see if I can keep it up when we really get into the holiday swing... chances are good I will because I have a secret weapon called booze that generally helps in those situations. I don't want that exactly to be the lesson that HR takes away from me (like I said, it's my "secret" weapon), but I'll do what I can to show him that these joyous occasions don't also have to be associated with stress. Not that he'll notice anything but himself for years to come, but you never know what these munchkins internalize. I'm just looking forward to getting to the homestead, stuffing my face, and playing my part as new traditions mix with the old ones.

Good times. Back to the last bit of nuttery to be dealt with until next week. Happy every little thing to every single one of you!

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