Wednesday, December 28, 2011

However Do You Want Me?

I was firmly entrenched back in reality yesterday, but with work catch-up the entire day got away from me. So, hi! And welcome to the post-Christmas world. I am that idiot who actually starts getting sad on Christmas day because it means the wait is over. Yes, I have lots to look forward to, with New Year's weekend, and second Christmas with part of my family the following weekend. Not to mention the year ahead with my loved ones and all it will bring. But I still lament the loss of pre-holiday time. Phooey.

HR is back to sleeping like hell, but I believe it's a temporary condition brought on by 1) two massive bumps under his bottom gums; 2) acclimating to sleeping at home after sleeping away for a few nights and 3) the huge developmental leaps he's making. Suddenly, his mimicry is off the charts. I'd give you some examples, but they're really only impressive in person. Plus, maybe he can't stay asleep because he's thinking about the tons and tons of new toys that he got for Christmas and wants to be up playing with them? Oh my spoiled little boy.

Anyway, my blues and nighttime woes, like everything, will pass soon enough. I'm grateful to have spent another terrific holiday full of food and games and toddler delight and whatnot with my awesome family. And I've got piles and piles of stuff to get done at work before we can put this year to bed. So, on with it.

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