Thursday, December 8, 2011

Deal With It

This weekend we're doing chanukah-in-one-day with Mike's family, and I'm really looking forward to getting together with the whole family. I'm especially anticipating seeing HR and his little cousin interact, they're finally at the age where they get interested in other little ones and don't just play side-by-side. This is the stage, too, where they're starting to enjoy the gift-exchange portion. They were both too small last year to even notice what was going on, and to me the unbridled excitement of kids opening presents is the best part of any gift-giving occasion. We'll make sure to have the video recorder at the ready.

I find myself wishing I had my own Christmas tree at home, but there's really no space. Besides, there's a small magpie who lives with us for whom fragile glass bulbs and shock-y things are irresistible. I've got a lovely tree to gaze upon at work, and there will be at least one when we go up to Maine so that ought to fulfill my craving. Still, there's nothing like sitting in the evening in your own home and admiring the festive ornamentation. Maybe next year, or when he's five.

I don't mean for every entry to be the blog equivalent of Hallmark channel sparkle holiday unicorn mistltoe magic pants from November to January. But it just comes out. No apologies. While I'm being unrepentant: here's quite possibly the dorkiest thing I've ever liked.

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  1. 2 words for you Dawn...shatterproof ornaments! Now go get your tree!!