Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sooo Not Proud

I've been watching a lot of TV lately, judge away I don't care. The point I want to make in relation to that is that I realize I'm very opinionated about hairstyles. I don't have great hair myself, I mean it's OK and I'm glad I have it at all, but I am not exactly an exemplary headsuit-wearer. I dust off my hairdryer approximately twice a year. Still I feel qualified to get involved with the follicles of fictional characters and the actors responsible for growing them.

To wit, on Dexter: Deb Morgan, you are awesome, I love you and I love your new professional wardrobe now that you've been promoted but for the love of GAHD you've got to cut that hair. It's pretty and shiny and all, but you could stand to lose a foot of it, at least. Nobody needs hair that long, particularly not grown women (this is one of my own stubborn biases) and in practical terms, in your line of work it's actually a liability. You could get it caught in the trees while chasing a perp! One false move and you're scalped, you know?

Gossip Girl: This show has gotten turrible this season, and if you don't watch it you probably guessed it was turrible all along. I used to get a kick out of its ludicrous plotlines because I thought the overall writing was pretty sharp. Now it turns out the only reason I still watch is so I can see if Dan ever gets rid of the animal that died on his head. You're walking a fine line of attractiveness to begin with lonelyboy, don't think that bringing back the male perm look is doing you any favors. For all I know it's intentional that he's looking so rough, since he's on a downward spiral of likability, but more likely it's an experiment gone wrong. Lily - you're kind of a bad person but I love you nonetheless and your hair, as always, is perfect. If I had your money, I'd have your stylist.

When anyone inquires about the progress of my novel, do you think I can just point them to this entry and they'll understand why it's not getting done? I'm not proud, really I'm not.

So I find I'm missing yoga again. I know I am capable of getting my practice back, particularly now that my wrist is better, it's just a matter of doing it. You'll know if and when I do because I tend to not be able to stop babbling about it when I find my groove.

Today's auracular spectacular: U2's "Red Hill Mining Town." Full disclosure: I'm not a U2 fan, I like some of their songs, but eh. I feel like this performance is just really out-of-the-park. I heard on the radio that this was supposed to be the second single from the J-Tree but they scrubbed it, publicity wise, because Bono couldn't consistently hit the notes and they decided it wouldn't be worth it to bring it on tour. So there you go, if that's true.

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