Monday, October 3, 2011

Not-So-Secret October

October, you're the best. So happy you're here again! Bring on the mums on the doorstep and tea and blankets on chilly chilly nights, I'm more than ready. Not to mention the mellowcreme pumpkins and pumpkin beers and pumpkin pie and assorted gourd themed loveliness specific to the orangey-brown months.

Our weekend was rather packed, with the celebration of Rosh Hashanah and HR's first trip to the pumpkin patch with aunt, grandma and big cousins, then a Saturday full of swimming lessons and a first birthday party for a special baby friend. I'm not surprised, following it all, that HR was under the weather yesterday. We spent a not-so-fun night last night soothing our feverish boy, but he seems to be doing lots better in the light of day. I'm faring amazingly well for running on so few hours' sleep and worry fatigue... obviously the the crash is imminent so I'd better keep in making hay.

But like I said, it's October, time to hunker down and sweater up and let your musical selections take a decidedly melodic turn.

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  1. I love October, myself! Among the autumn months, it has to be my favorite. The color is at its peak, it starts getting crisp and cool but not too cold yet. And pumpkin and spice types of things make their appearance. All kinds of things to love!! Happy autumn!