Monday, October 17, 2011

And As Promised - Bowtie Baby

I say this every time, but every time it remains true: I'm useless when it comes to writing about the good times in life. I can't wrap my brain around these happy events and frame them in a way that translates into something that might interest a person who wasn't there. Time and reflection might help in this respect, I could probably look back on some joyful events of my past and make a nice blog entry about it but the fact is my brother's wedding just happened and it's still so excitingly fresh in my brain that I want to write about it so I'll co-opt other media to tell the story. Pictures and music, where would I be without you?

Here's the happy couple on their recessional walk. 

Professor HR decked out in his best nerd-chic finery, getting some love from his grandfather.

When the boy wasn't chowing down on cupcakes, he could be found on the dance floor with his new girlfriends. Sorry Mike, all signs point to this kid being a Perry to the core.

As a nod to the obsessions of our childhood, the reception couldn't go by without a Pee Wee Herman dance to "Tequila."

Did I mention there was dancing?

What a family, I mean, who enjoys each other's company this much? We're not rich, we're not industrious, but we will have a legacy and that is LOVE and FUN. We're like the Rockefellers of celebration. I marvel at the luck of my birthright every day.

All in all, the day was beautiful, the bride was beautiful, the groom was beautiful. It was a great party, a wonderful time and just day one of what I hope will be a long and love-filled marriage. Congratulations Nick and Whitney, I love you.

I have no explanation as to why, but based on the last two weddings, here's one that always packs the dance floor.

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