Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lunatic Fringe May Be a More Fitting Choice

SERIOUSLY. The continual full moon at work needs to just get to waning already. As of yesterday I've moved beyond whatever was making me sad and into a straight plea to the universe for the increasingly bizarre madness to dissipate before we all lose it. We've had some times here, oh children, but this week takes the cake. That's a lot of mental stress packed into three days. Lucky for me I am off tomorrow to begin the second stellar wedding weekend of '11. And I've got an all-important mani/pedi appointment in a couple of hours, if I can just make it until then. I'm holding out hope for me as well as my coworkers that we've seen the worst of it, but I know better than to rely on that idea.

I will now attempt to shift my focus to how excited I am to get up to Maine tomorrow and get the festivities started.

Better, or at least happier, entries next week. You may even get a glimpse of HR wearing a bow tie, stay tuned.

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