Thursday, October 6, 2011

It is So Choice

This is my favorite kind of morning, the kind when you need a sweater and hot coffee is just *the* thing, cup after cup. The only thing that could have added to my bliss would be more time to snuggle up to my boys. Maybe tomorrow.

Date night was a huge success, we got to sit out in the patio and because it was a nippy evening we were nearly the only people out there, happily chowing down between the breeze and the heat lamps. It felt like we were miles from the city, talking and enjoying some seriously great food. Yes, I got the baked alaska. No, I did not get a picture because it got in my belly too fast.

Today is my last day in the office until Tuesday and the long weekend before me is a stretch of promise, a tease of unclaimed time waiting to be filled. Here's hoping we do it justice.

As for today's selection, some of you may know that I have a wee obsession with Steely Dan, and I only recently realized that Michael McDonald jammed with them on occasion. This revelation could be a dealbreaker for some people who not only think that Steely Dan is lame, but that M McD is even lamer. To those people I say, YOU are lame. This musical partnering is sheer bloody brilliance. For me, Bad Sneakers is the golden apple of their combined labor, but youtube let me down in this regard. So here's Do It Again, which is OK for a stand-in, but do seek out the album version of Bad Sneakers if you get a chance.

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