Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hooray! For...

I'm compiling a little hooray list, and so far I've got:

-Workdays like this one that fly by because they are filled with the best kind of work (writing original content, in this case).

-Getting apples in our farm share tomorrow! Truth, I sort of hate apples, but this time of year I always revisit that stance.

-Dexter starting up again. This is the first season I've watched in real time, and the suspense of waiting a week really adds to the appeal.

-My baby boy feeling better, thus sleeping better, and getting to spend the day hanging out with Dada and his favorite stuffed pals. It took us awhile to find a toy to which he made a true attachment, but I think we've found him.

So hooray for Bert and Ernie! (Ernie not pictured, except for his shoes.)

And of course, hooray for Peter Pumpkinhead.

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