Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes, That's Totally a Dude Singing

Meetings out the wazoo! My job isn't typically so meeting-y, so these types of days take their toll. It's good to change it up, though. Keeps things interesting. I will reward my busy bee-ness tonight with the season premiere of It's Always Sunny and a tipple or two from my mama-sized juicebox (I want so badly to link the clip of juice-deprived Buster Bluth discovering Lucille's wine stash but youtube is failing me). I would likely reward myself with these things no matter what kind of day I had, but it's nice to think that it will feel really earned tonight. And yes you read that correctly, I do occasionally drink my wine from a box now. I have my reasons.

This weekend is supposed to feel like fall and I am thrilled. Bring on the flannel and fleece! Bring on the apple-and-pumpkin air! It won't last, and then winter will come all too soon, but I'm ready for a taste now. Conversely, here's an extremely summery song I never got around to linking in the thick of it. It reminds me of hanging out in my Memere's tidy trailer listening to my aunt and uncle's 45s all afternoon long. Aunt Patti was the coolest person I could imagine back then, and frankly probably still is.

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