Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Really Miss Brian Kinney

I've finally gotten around to reading A Confederacy of Dunces and it's cracking me up probably way more than it should. Not sure how I'll feel about the whole thing when the book is over, but I can't get enough of the author's ear for language. I could read the dialogue between Irene and Santa forever. "Potatis salad" - just the sound of that makes me laugh. I love that it's set in New Orleans, too. Even though I've never been to the place, I've always felt a connection to it, like it's where I belong with the food and the music and the excess and such. OK so it's in the South and I was born with that Northeast superiority complex, so it's unlikely I'd live there, but I'd still very much like to visit. Someday, someday.

Yesterday my men went to the New England Aquarium, it was HR's first trip and apparently he was enraptured the whole time. It also wore him out enough to take a 3-hour nap when they got home. Note to self: take the baby to the aquarium. As much as possible.

Oh, and congratulations to Timmy Wakefield on his 200th win last night! Maybe now the Red Sox will regain that swagger they desperately need right now to kick butt in the playoffs.

Once again this song has nothing to do with anything except I heard it recently and marveled at what a great song it is. The trouble is that it always makes me think of the stunning Queer as Folk prom episode, but you know, any Brian Kinney on the brain is better than none.

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