Tuesday, September 6, 2011


How fitting for the first day back after Labor Day: rainy, chilly, bananas like a crate of ape fruit (thank you Lil Jon for that evocative turn of phrase) on the work front. Otherwise, things are good. We passed a very chill couple of days. My parents came for a little visit. HR remembered how to go to sleep and stay that way, mostly, and I hope that my writing that in here doesn't serve as a jinx.We vastly overestimated the amount of Mexican food to carry out and I think I'll be eating tamales until Thanksgiving.

I also got a really, really good hair cut. That's noteworthy for me. It's not like my hair is especially  difficult but I have zero patience for self-maintenance so I need a cut that's wash and wear, and it's hard to find a stylist that can do this for me at all, let alone consistently. I think I found the one. I'm in that fall nesting phase where I look at everything that needs to be done and just knocking it all out. That pesky tendonitis problem that was nagging at me? Being treated. Overdue haircut? Done. New dentist found and appointments made? Done. I have to seize these productive moods when they strike me. It's just how I work. For example, I saw a link to this company that makes a bag o' dresses (three of the same dress in different colors) and I was like, genius! With different leggings and tights and over-and-under tops and sweaters which I already have, that's going to carry me through fall and winter. So I bought them on the spot. I'm really not a big clothes buyer but as I get older I realize the value of well-made, versatile pieces. I've never watched an episode of Project Runway, but I guess that doesn't make me impervious to the expertise of Tim Gunn. Anyway, clothing needs for me, done. The leetle boy needs ur-vry-thing for fall (time to go a' consignin', methinks) but at least procuring toddler items is fun. I still need to box up and figure out what to do with the tons of stuff he's outgrown, but all in good time.

Now you're all up to date on my boring domestic stuff, here's a song I can't get out of my head.

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