Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Of An Era

Today I decided to put my other blog on hiatus. I have mixed feelings about it, because that was the blog I started in graduate school and I feel like I poured my best, academic self in there, as well as made some amazing connections. I'm as passionate about its mission as I was the day I started it (if you don't know about my true raison d'etre it's all in the PAQ section), but I'm just not updating it with the gusto of my past years and I think its time has come. Like I say in the last entry, I'm not shutting it down or closing the door forever, just being realistic about what I feel it deserves and what I'm not giving it. So I'm walking away, possibly for good, but hopefully not.

My sincere intention is to live out avengingsybil's purpose by putting the fiction I have always dreamed of writing out into the world. Which could mean that the writing here will suffer even more, but more likely I'll continue to use it as a space to touch base and blow off steam. And share little gems like this'un:

Howard Jones 4-EVA!

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