Monday, September 12, 2011

Many Years Since I Was Here, On the Street

I'm in a startlingly good mood this morning. It's a beautiful day, we are all here, my baby has been sleeping like the sleep champ of slumber county (for him, anyway) and I've got all these endorphins left over from my run. Plus it was a great weekend full of authentic greek food and playground visits and Pumking on tap the True Blood finale (whoa!) and I'm psyched because we landed the last coveted spot in Saturday morning Waterbabies class. I guess I'm one of those people now who has found this hidden competitive side when it comes to my kid? Not really, it just seems like a great class for HR because he will be in a session with a bunch of little buddies he already knows. Being that he's with adults most of the time, any chance he has to socialize with his contemporaries is so good for him, for all of us.

Il Divo is still giving us a pain with the bottle-to-cup switchover (we've tried every type of sippy, even just going open cup, and no dice) but he'll get it eventually. You think I'd be stressed about this, but the  more time I've had to get used to this parenting gig, the less high strung I've become overall, and this seems like one of those small potatoes kind of worries. I've decided to just let go on this point. One year, two year, it all goes by so fast what's the difference? He still gets two bottles a day, which he will stop getting someday, but I'm disinclined to take something away from him that's so comforting and part of his sleeping and waking up ritual. I know there's the whole issue about jacking up his teeth and whatnot, but we brush teeth after the bottle and half of his parentage guarantees a whole lotta orthodontia in his future anyway, so whatever. I don't even feel defensive about it, it just is what it is.

I heard this on my run this morning and it reminds me that though I am a very shy and somewhat reserved person there's all this STRUT that lives inside me (and it does come out from time to time, sometimes without the aid of alcohol, even), and this song is a type of musical manifestation of that STRUT. I probably already linked it in here because I love it so much, but because I love it so much, I don't care.

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