Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why to Have Kids

We are now approaching maximum cuteness time in our life avec toddler. He's long demonstrated his ability to imitate an elephant, but he's really into it right now, throwing his arm up and squealing at random intervals, and it never seems to get old. He's masterful at serving pretend coffee to us, and will even take a fake sip himself, complete with a satisfied "mmmm." Despite his few words he's working super hard to communicate, and gets hilariously flummoxed when we don't understand his emphatic "AHHHs" and "DAAAHs." He's also gotten quite opinionated about the songs I sing to him and woe if I start belting out the wrong one - right now the only acceptable option is the one about floating down the Delaware chewing on his  underwear (Note to family members: is this a real song  or did we make that one up?). Most recently he was standing up in the tub and, as it's a known fact that baby bums are irresistible, I was absently patting his little behind like I always do. I went to do something else and noticed him smacking his own booty, like he just noticed it was there.

I should probably start posting video clips. And before that, recording video clips.

Apropos of nothing, this is a really great song for running up hills.

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