Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My New Motto is Embedded in Here...

We still haven't achieved all-the-way-through-the-night sleep, but the events of last night made me dare to hope for its appearance on the horizon. I haven't allowed myself to even entertain that kind of hope for so long because it was just getting demoralizing. But we're getting a little closer with every night. And considering a new tooth has come through in the midst of the training, I'd say the little champ deserves a reward beyond a good night's sleep for its own sake. Maybe we'll finally buy his birthday present. We are planning to get him a kitchen set, so as soon as we build on that extra wing onto our house for baby stuff, we'll get right on that. Good thing he doesn't know how to mark time yet, I guess.

I have a lot of work I need to get done before an evening meeting, so here's a Great/Awesome/Happy blitz:

-E. Lockhart - you should read all her books if you haven't. I just finished Real Live Boyfriends and I miss Ruby Oliver already.

-Stewart O'Nan - I started Wish You Were Here right after I finished the Lockhart book. His Last Night at the Lobster is a masterpiece. He's probably my favorite current author.

-Cupcakes - even when they stop being trendy they'll still be what they are: tiny cakes that exist to give you a jolt of sugary sunshine (even when you're supposed to be cutting the sugar now that you're not burning all those milk-making calories). Fuck it. Cupcakes!

-Massages, for real. I am sitting on a certificate for a massage from last Mother's Day. Time to dust that puppy off and spend it up, methinks.

-This clip from Glee, because though I openly criticize the show, it still usually finds a way to make me smile. Did you spot Legacy from So You Think You Can Dance? How he didn't get a solo in this number was baffling, but it's good to see him getting work.



  1. This made me smile, too. Although I never spotted Legacy. I'm happy for you that all-night sleep is on the horizon. And that you're enjoying the ride. I had a houseguest this weekend and had Bella sleep with me so they could have her room. That baby cuddling is an amazing thing. Then again, so is a good night of sleep:) Mwah!

  2. callum and i have been singing this song since last week. also, earlier today i made a massage appointment for saturday. we are same-same even in non-book matters!