Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Drink-o

Happy Cinco de Mayo or whatever. 5/5 was HR's due date, so even though he decided to come a little early, I'll raise a toast to him. What the hell, I like tequila. Pablo actually cried last night because we didn't get him to bed fast enough. Once I lay him in his crib, he put his head down and that was that. It's amazing how much has changed in just over a week. Amazing. I never thought it was possible.

Last night we also had one of my favorite dinners: BIG SANDWICH. Whenever I think of it in my head, I see it in all caps like that because it really is a BIG SANDWICH. Mike gets a loaf of nice fresh bread, cuts it in half, and makes a comically large sandwich out of it that we share. Depending on the size of said loaf it can provide up to six meals. This time around, 1 1/2 each (I've got a bit for lunch, hooray). Tonight we're having BIG SALAD which is another favorite. We really do still cook sometimes, but I'm all for easy, no-stove, free-form dinners, especially on nights when Dada has to go to work.

Tomorrow I work from home which means I probably won't update, but I would be remiss if I didn't note that this weekend brings my beloved Pup's birthday (he would have been 87). I've never stopped missing him. I never will. And Sunday is Mother's Day, of course. This is a holiday I don't care about for myself (besides, if my lovely boy weren't gift enough, he's granted me my dearest wish of sleep) but I do feel I must give a loving shout-out to my glorious Ma, two outrageously wonderful grandmothers, and a mother-in-law who loves me like her own. Not to mention the host of friends and family who are the world to their kids, and those who are no less mothers to people despite them never having kids of their own (I'm thinking specifically of my Aunt Sue and dear Peggy).

This one's for alllll y'all.

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