Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Digital Manipulation

You know how there are songs you hear and then you wish you had never heard them because then you wouldn't feel so conflicted about liking them? But you do like them and it becomes your secret shame and you find yourself listening and maybe singing along to them in the car and never telling a living soul because if you don't admit it then it's not really true? But THEN you blab about it--and go as far to link them--on your blog in hopes that other people will come forward and you can form a shame alliance? Don't you hate when that happens? Yeah.

I don't actually believe in the notion of a "guilty pleasure" so much, because if you like something, you like it and you should stand by your preferences. Everyone else needs to back off. But then a song like "Look At Me Now" by Chris Brown and like ten other dudes comes out. I am a sucker for this song, with its inventiveness and really nasty flow. But CB is such a total shitbird I feel like a traitor to humanity for supporting him, even if it's just through my own private ears.

I suppose I can comfort myself with the notion that the vast majority of musicians are probably terrible human beings. I think that's what they call cold comfort, though.

On the less harmful tip, I am really enjoying "On the Floor" by Jennifer Lopez featuring Pit Bull. I don't want to like this because I am biased against J-Lo for no good reason. I mean, guess I get her as a dancer, but as an artist, there's not much there but machines. And she's responsible for the term J-Lo itself which just snowballed into a mountain of wrong. Still, it's just so goddamn danceable.

"Vegas to Af-REEK-a!" I like it.

I'll leave you now to pick up the pieces of my shattered image. But lest you go off with a really bad taste in your mouth:

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