Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'll Be Looking at the Moon

First things first: So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight, and this is important for me to mention because 1) it is the one of my favorite things about life, and 2) I will be writing about it a lot. I'm very opinionated about all aspects of this show - how it's structured, the contestants, the judges, all that craziness. I can be extremely critical about all of it, as well as off-the-chain, unabashedly ebullient. And since my life partner does not share my obsession, I pour it all into my blog. I promise I'll warn you in advance when I'm going to go off about it because it's mighty boring to read about, I can imagine, if you do not also enjoy updates on who should be promoted to the Hot Tamale Express (that's a joke for fans of the show - I don't like to acknowledge the HTE as a thing). The first couple of weeks are only auditions, so this'll be a pretty safe space until the competition begins, but from then on all bets are off.

Still here? Really? As this will likely be my last post of the week, I'd like to take a moment to high-five the holiday upon us here in these United States. Memorial Day is one of my all-around favorites because there's no present giving but lots of grilling, we get a day off, it's the unofficial kick-off of the summer season and most importantly, it honors those who served in the military. It always makes me think of my Pup, who, you'll know if you've met me for a minute, is my hero. So I hope you all will enjoy.

Miss you forever, dear Pup.

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