Monday, November 29, 2010

We'll Miss You, Frank

What a totally awesome Thanksgiving and accompanying weekend. It was just a few luxurious days of hanging out with family and eating good food and relaxing and as far as I'm concerned it could have gone on as such forever. Mike and I had our date on Friday and it was lovely, I knew HR was in good hands so we could just enjoy each other. In retrospect it went by so fast, yet by the time we got home we were both missing our baby it seemed like just the right amount of time.

Yesterday my parents took their leave and Mike went to work and the post-holiday blues descended upon me. I realize this is ridiculous as the holidays have only just begun, but I do experience the same letdown after all the good times. Lucky I had one smiley, drooly little gentleman to lift my spirits. Babies tend to be good for that. Especially babies who continue their endearing streak by sleeping well that night (hint hint baby boy).

Anyway, now I'm surrendering to the free-fall that is the Holiday. Season. (capital exclamation point et cetera). I agree that holidays can be stressful, but for the most part, it's only insofar as you let them be. So I'm getting down with the good parts and applying zen-spray to the rest. Oh, and I can officially listen to carols with impunity now. Even at my most cynical, I always secretly loved Christmas carols and other winter-holiday-themed music, and now that I've come back around to embrace the madness on my terms, I've decided to celebrate holiday music. So until, oh let's say New Year's, I'm going to list a song of the day. Inaugural tune: "The Christmas Waltz." There are a lot of versions of this, I think Peggy Lee's is probably the best. It's also a neat primer on music composition, because the lyrics tell you that it was written in 3/4 time. Let it never be said there's no educational value to this bloggy thing.

I hate to end on a sad note, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mourn the loss of dear Leslie Nielsen. He was one of the true good guys. If there is an afterlife, may it be stocked with nice beavers.

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