Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I did two things this morning: participated in the democratic process, and entered a writing contest based on the first 250 words of my work-in-progress. Never mind that the draft is very much in progress, that is, not finished. What better incentive to whip it into shape, eh? Best case scenario: I get picked and I have to pull an a couple of all-nighters to finish it up. It's not like I'm not awake anyway, BABY. I agree, this sounds like a ridiculous way to work, but 1) have you met me? And 2) I'll let my unblemished track record of 11th hour successes all the way through grad school speak for itself. I know myself, and the procrastinator ethic never dies. In any case, I needed an incentive to get this puppy back on the front burner, and for now this is it.

So yeah, it's November. This is my favorite time of year. I like all the seasons, especially the changing part, which is why I could never leave New England. But I really, really, really love the buildup to the winter holidays. Thanksgiving is my joint. It's been my favorite ever since I was a little kid. Xmas is a bit more complicated. Since the onset of adulthood, I've grown increasingly jaded with the gift-giving holidays, but now that I have a kid I'm coming back around. I'm really looking forward to reviving old traditions and creating new ones. Sure the overall commercialization is still disheartening, but I like Christmas specials and Christmas carols and getting together with family. I can't wait to see HR get all excited over cardboard boxes. The point is, I'm a sap at heart and that will never change. Let's go, then, with the sleigh bells and twinkle lights.

I was going to post Halloween pictures here but blogger's giving me a hard time so that'll have to wait for tomorrow, alas.


  1. This is my favorite time of year too! What an amazing holiday season it will be for you guys. Also, don't forget the Halloween pics!

  2. christmas christmas christmas ah man I so look forward to making new traditions with my own little family some day..