Thursday, November 18, 2010


Wow, dudes, I must say this every year but only a few hours in and it's already my favorite birthday ever. I suppose it's possible to feel more loved than I do, but I doubt it. It started with extreme snuggle time with an extremely snuggly baby. But oh snap, I get to start my day that way every day! What a lucky jerk.

Anyway, in honor of the occasion, I'm wearing my new dark wash skinny jeans from the Gap (I got a hot tip that these were excellent postpartum wear and damned if it's not true) with a black button-down and black boots. Ever since I was a little kid I always made a point of wearing clothes that made me feel especially good on my bday, and while today's ensemble is nothing like what I normally wear, it works. I'm calling it my "sophisticated mama" costume, based on a ridiculous memory of my youth. Once when I was very wee, my cousins and I were having a dance party, like you do (Kim G., you were definitely there), and the soundtrack was some K-Tel compilation that included Kool and the Gang's classic "Ladies' Night." There's that one line, "Mmmmm sophisticated mama!" and it used to make us laugh, the way the singer growled it out, even if we had no idea what it meant. I remember asking my mother what he was talking about and even though I don't remember the explanation she came up with, I know that I have since aspired to be a sophisticated mama. This is probably the closest I'm gonna get.

A word about presents: it's not that I don't appreciate gifts, but a.) I honestly don't need anything, and b.) if I want something, either I just get it myself, or I go for experiences over things. Like going out to dinner, etc. Things that can be shared. But sometimes people are going to buy you presents. And you accept them gratefully. For example, my ridiculously generous and organized in-laws pooled together and got me a Kindle and it is UNBELIEVABLE. Don't worry, I'm not giving up books in book-form ever. But this is a fabulous supplement to my reading roster, especially for travel. I love it. So that's my stance on presents, I guess-- conflicted. 

Enough about my birthday, heavens.  Just know I'm so full of joy and gratitude already I can hardly get up the words so I'll paraphrase the great They Might Be Giants: I were a gun I'd be shooting sapphire bullets of pure love for all y'all.

Next subject to write into the ground: Thanksgiving!!!! Stay tuned.

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