Monday, November 15, 2010

Perchance to Dream

Every day I'm more enamored with our little life. And not even just because we're all sleeping better, but that certainly doesn't hurt. We just passed a truly lovely weekend. Not that we did anything special, we just got lots of family together time, lots of playing and babbling and fun. So of course it flew past. I've heard parent after parent tell me that every stage is the best until you get to the next one. And it's probably true, but I can't believe anything could be better than hearing his sweet little voice making nonsense syllables. The latest amazing thing is that when I return home in the evening, instead of crying and wanting to nurse on sight as he's done since I went back to work, he breaks out into this huge smile when he sees me, and that is one of the highlights of my whole life.

Breaking sleep news: with the help of this latest book I think I may have--MAY HAVE (no jinx)--found the last piece of the nighttime puzzle. Now it's all working with it to make it fit. The evidence that I'm helping HR learn how to put himself to sleep is there after only a few days of trying this method, and it has made an undeniable impact on the quality and quantity of his sleep. He's still waking once or twice, but one night we he slept 8-5 and went back to sleep until 8 after eating. He probably would have kept sleeping too, but we were so freaked out we kept checking on him. I'll try to check that impulse in the future.

I'm not naive enough to think that all our sleep issues are solved forever more, but anything that makes me feel well rested is appreciated for any amount of time. It just feels like we might be getting there, really getting there, and it helps me approach bedtime with happy hope instead of deep-down dread.

That's all I have time for today, but it seems like more than enough.

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