Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Your Heart is a Strange Little Orange to Peel

So our Red Sox will not be in the playoffs this year. It's been a tough season with the absurd amount of injuries and such, but it really looked like they might rise above the odds for awhile there. Oh, well. We long-suffering Sox fans have been spoiled this decade. My heart's not broken this time around, it just wasn't our year. I'll still watch the remaining games and I hope they keep playing their butts off because baseball for baseball's sake is still... baseball. And I know it's probably the most boring sport after golf but that doesn't make me love it any less.

Another thing I love: as HR still wakes up for a feeding during the early early morning hours (usually around 4), and probably will continue to do this at least until we start him on solids (which is shockingly soon), I've discovered one big upside and it's the feeling of going back to bed after returning him to his crib. Settling back in and stretching, the way it makes me aware of all my limbs, it's such a luxurious feeling. Plus I can count on a good 2-3 hours of sleep to come. My dreams since he's been born have been so messed up, I won't even try to write about them, but still, the promise of more slumber is a mighty heady thing. I'm pro-sleep in case you didn't notice.

My latest thing now that we've gotten him to have a fairly consistent bedtime is to work on gradually breaking bad nighttime habits. First stop on that train: end my dependence on nursing as a sleep tool. Usually he falls asleep on the boob and we're good to go. But I know this is frowned upon for several good reasons, so two nights ago I fed him, then took him upstairs to do the nighttime routine and rocked him to sleep without additional nursing. There were some tears, but it worked. Last night he was overtired from lack of an afternoon nap (oh yeah, that's a whole other can of snakes) and fell asleep when I fed him. So it'll come and go like that for awhile, but I'll keep at it. Next thing after that: ending nighttime swaddling. Once that's accomplished the ultimate goal is to get him to go in the crib while he's still awake and put himself to sleep. I can't think of the endgame right now though, it's too frustrating. So I'll concentrate on one step at a time.

GAHH I can't wait until this hot and muggy weather is done for good. Talking about the weather is completing the hat trick of boring blogging (after dreams and baby routines) sooooo.... fin. For now.

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  1. It's good to keep track of goals and routines. Reminders of how far you've come when re-reading later on. No worries about being boring. ~LA