Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Born Nerdish

Oh, how beautiful is the wretched world following a night of unbroken sleep! Dear HR, whatever you did last night, please do it again. Love, your (relatively) rested Mama

My brain feels accordingly shiny and I've got academic nostalgia which happens this time every year. I was just realizing that you know I'm a lifetime ultra-nerd because all my fond memories of my undergrad years are based in the academic aspect. Like sitting in Shakespeare class just drinking it in... oh man. I could have made out with that big fat book of Collected Works. And workshop classes. Being an English major with a Writing (vs. Literature) slant, I took approximately one kajillion workshop classes and though I probably got really sick of them after awhile, I long to take one again. Someday when the bean's a little more grown I'll join a writer's group.

Some of you know that I have another blog that I started as a grad school project and sort of got really into it and kept it going for the past - is it six years now? Wow. It's a passion project of mine, with a focus on talking about young women's sexuality in young adult literature, but that theme has expanded as time went on to include lots of related subjects. I've been pretty bad at updating it recently but I can't fathom giving it up because it's my way of staying connected with a certain community and from time to time I really have a fire under me to write in it. I expect to update before this week is up. So, that's a thing.

In blog-o'-the-week news: I regularly read a few design blogs. I'm not sure why, my eye is not one for design. My attraction to them can be attributed to equal parts admiration, love of eye candy and envy of people with beautifully decorated homes. These women are talented and sincere and give me a lot of ideas that I quickly forget. The other day I discovered my new favorite design blog: my favorite and my best. She's got a great eye too, but I love her more for her foul, hilarious mouth. Her writing is the perfect antidote for when the other ones leave me feeling like I'm destined to be forever drab, and her un-precious irreverence is refreshing.

Well kids, I've got to make hay and take advantage of this sharp feeling while it lasts. Happy Tuesday!

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