Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spicy Meat-a-ball

As if to prove a point to myself, I'm wearing the jeans today. The button is fastened with an end-of-first-trimester style-ee hair elastic, and I'm wearing a billowy top to distract the eye, but if you're not aware of the engineering feat going on underneath, I look pretty normal. I'm still getting a new pair though.

The best thing happened this morning! Usually HR lets us know that he's ready to be taken out of baby-prison in the morning with an angry sort of infant "ATTICA! ATTICA!" I've always heard tales of babies who wake with a smile, and I secretly hoped we'd get one of those, but by this point I'd reached the conclusion that our baby just isn't the type. Some people aren't morning people, it runs in my family. Today though what came through the monitor at 6:30 was some good-natured babbling. A smart person would have just let him go on and on and gotten as much rest as possible, but I've dropped the smart act lately. Plus it was the first time, so I couldn't pass up basking in the novel cuteness of him talking to himself (and/or his mobile or the ceiling or who the hell knows with these babies). I know better than to assume that it'll be like this every morning, too, so I just wanted to make sure I got a chance to be greeted with a smile instead of a wailing maw. It was awesome. I'm enchanted by my awesome baby. That's a running theme here, I guess.

We were listening to some music before I left for work, and Matthew Sweet came on and it made me think, how did it take me this long to realize that he sounds an awful lot like Michael Stipe? And they have the same initials! Suspicious.

I'm craving red-sauce Italian food like a mother and we've been meaning to go to the North End for like a year so this is the weekend it will happen. If it sounds counterproductive in terms of the fitting-into-my-old-pants project, it's because it is. And I'm ok with that. I'd rather eat carbs than... than.... Well, that's it. I'd just rather eat carbs. Maybe I should get that printed on a bumper sticker.

I'm at home tomorrow and probably won't write again this week so here's my wish to y'all for a lovely weekend.

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  1. I just got all caught up! It was like finding lost chapters of a long-favorite book. I'm glad all is well and you are still amazing. Mwah!