Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Or, Denial

GodDAMN why is The Band so good? I ask myself this question every time I hear them. Are they underrated? Probably not. I think their musicianship is widely respected, it's just that I'm relatively delayed in my appreciation for them. As with many people who covert to whatever later in their lives, I like to push them on everyone. "You haven't seen The Last Waltz? Oh, you MUST! It will change your life!" No, but seriously it will.

It's unavoidable folks: I need to buy pants. Jeans, in particular. I'm down to one pair of jeans. And I love these jeans, they are the only jeans I want and would be happy to wear them every day. But they don't seem to love buttoning when I put them on. The main problem with this is that I HATE buying jeans. It's really hard to find jeans that look good on my body. Trust me on this, that's why I'm so enamored of the ones I already have, they were perfect. I'm still holding out hope that they will be a perfect fit again, but it doesn't look good. I'm back within a couple of pounds of my pre-preg weight, but I find that everything seems to have sort of moved into a different location. Assuming I do get back to working out at my desired rate again, there's still no guarantee that it will all rearrange itself to my liking.

It's not that I ever had a flat stomach to begin with so I don't expect mine to magically go concave, but it'd be nice to get rid of the, you know, the skin flap thingy. Mamas understand I'm talking about (though if you're one of the lucky ones you don't. Also I don't want to hear from you). It's going away, but not fast enough even though I'm taking everyone's advice and being patient with and kind to my body. The bottom line is that unless I want to wear skirts all winter--and I'm sick to death of the ones I have for wearing them all summer--it's off to the store I go for jeans. Gross. Or maybe I'll just make the switch to all caftans, all the time and call it Golden Girls chic. This might seem like a defeatist attitude to you, but I like to think of it as creative solution-ing.

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