Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Schtikle of a Post

Happy New Year to my chosen homies! Rosh Hashanah doesn't start until sundown tonight, but it's never too early to start handing out the good wishes as far as I'm concerned. I myself am not Jewish. I grew up Catholic but haven't ascribed to any religion since my late teens. There's a lot more to say on that subject but it's not for today. I married a secular/occasionally observant Jew, which makes my son half Jewish, and that means I get to co-opt the fun parts, for example: homemade brisket and latkes. I suppose this picking and choosing makes me no better than Dr. Tim Watley, but I figure if I can steer clear of telling jokes (I'm not a big fan of jokes anyway) it keeps me relatively harmless. Overall I'm in favor of any tradition that promotes thoughtful gratitude and family, and that's what the High Holidays are all about. And did I mention brisket?

This morning I saw an otherwise unremarkable-looking guy walking down Mass Ave. wearing a tri-cornered hat and eating a comically large muffin, and for some reason I feel like that set the tone for the coming year. Which is to say bananas, for better or worse.

L'shana tova.

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  1. Happy, happy! I prepared a latke brunch a few days early--this past weekend--while visiting the fam. I am not Jewish...or religious in any way...either, but somewhere along the line, I developed a love of Kosher food, and stock up on it whenever there is a holiday and the Manischewitz goes on sale. :-)