Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween! Or, not, depending on how you feel about it. Or where you live. It sucks that a lot of kids won't get a proper Halloween this year because of the storm. But the cancellation of a silly holiday isn't near the worst of it. I'm not even a fraction aware of the full devastation caused for so many in this country and others. That's just lucky ignorance. It does feel wrong to go about my life so normally (I guess that's a form of survivor's guilt?), but not wrong enough for me to stop.

We're planning to take HR trick-or-treating to about a half dozen houses. He's into the concept when we talk about it, though I'm not sure what it really means in his mind. If it turns out he doesn't want to do it, it won't break my heart. But I am a sucker for a little kid in a costume, and my little kid is no exception. He's so cute in his self-chosen cow get up that I could cry. Hopefully there will be some pics tomorrow, but smiling for pictures is at the top of that "things he stopped doing when he turned into a toddler" list. It's not a short list. The "things he's started doing" list is miles longer, thankfully.
In the critic's corner: Mike and I watched The Other F-Word last night, which we thought would be a lighthearted documentary about punk rockers reconciling their lifestyle with being family men. It was like that for most of it, but it got really heavy in some parts, and one segment was particularly heartbreaking. We both enjoyed it, but we were not expecting to shed any tears, let alone the quantity that caused many a tissue to meet its soggy demise. I recommend it, but you should know what you're getting into.

In honor of my very favorite scary movie of all time, a really great song.

Can you guess which one I'm talking about?

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