Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Solution to Everything

Sooo... how about that crushing snoozefest of a debate last night? That was not a politically galvanizing experience for me. I'll watch the rest of them of course. And I hope Obama will step up, for my own reasons. But mostly I hope that the discourse gets a bit less rote, and more intelligible. It would not kill either candidate to show a spark of humanistic passion either, but then again that's not considered professional. Maybe when we get into the meaty, personal stuff, like gay marriage and, you know, whether or not women folk can be trusted with brains. All I know is, good thing beer was invented. And friend updates on facebook. Though that backfired to an extent. I tried, I really tried, to look away from the ones that weren't clever and amusing, but I was tricked into reading something written by a person who disagreed with a friend's posting. If a person accuses the President for being "racially dividing," that person's just using fancy lingo to try and disguise his own racism, right? Yeah, I thought so.

I mean, really? A black president in the White House is racially dividing? You must be a genius. It wasn't the term "racially dividing" itself that offended me (though I think the correct term here would be "racially divisive"), it was the implication at the heart of the comment that a white president wouldn't create any kind of race issues. Or maybe he thinks that another black president would be a-ok, it's just Obama that's out there to get a race war going? I don't see another way to interpret the initial statement, and I'm trying not to let the memory of it ruin my mindset for the day, even though it's already hijacked my blog post.  If nothing else, getting all het up served as a valuable reminder that I should never, ever read comment threads if they don't concern, for example, whether Slick Rick was underrated (the only subject on which I truly claim to be an expert) or isn't meant for me in any other way. It's not like I think not seeing things will make them go away, I just try to limit my discussions of very sensitive subjects such as racism to the productive, insightful ones. Casual hatefulness helps nobody on either side. Except me when I casually, hatefully, say, fuck that guy. I'm glad I don't know him. 

Argh, I forget what else I was planning to write about. So let's dance.

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