Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thank You, Baby

14 years ago today Mike and I got married, and what do you know, it stuck. I am of the belief now that it should have been illegal for us to be married so young. We weren't teenagers, we knew we loved each other, and I have no regrets whatsoever. I just think that, on principle it's a good idea for both parties to be at least 25 when they hitch up, if not 30. We are one of the success stories nonetheless, which I can only chalk up to patience, communication, trust, and beer. Oh, and love. I got very lucky when Mike came into my life, he's been my best friend for over 17 years, there's nobody else I'd rather hang out with, and it's obvious I would have still married him if we waited until we were way older to make it official. It just blows my mind that we've crossed into this territory, I mean, didn't we just, JUST celebrate our tenth?

We have never been very big on marking the occasion, outside of cards. Things that happen every year sort of breeze by, and I do like to think we make a point to appreciate each other every day. Some days it's more work than others, and of course we take each other for granted a lot of the time, but it evens out. We're low key, and it works for us. Big milestones are of another sort though, and we've talked about doing something big for our 15th next year, like maybe going to Europe with HR in tow, but that's a ways away and also going to Europe isn't free. You'd think it would be, but I checked, and nope. As it is we have our (have I mentioned it?) trip to Mexico in just a few weeks which was technically planned to mark Mike's 40th, but is pretty much all the birthday, holiday and anniversary presents we might have bought for each other combined for the past five years. It's gonna be so awesome, y'all!

Also awesome, our girl who has been living abroad for years is having a stateside wedding this weekend and we're jetting down to her home state, one that neither of us has visited before, to pay our proper respects. I'm really looking forward to it for many reasons, like celebrating the joyous occasion, seeing the bride (honestly, has it been five years?) and meeting her husband, and partying it up with other long-time-no-see friends. There's also the bonus of a solo getaway for Mike and me, two nights to just be together with nobody working, and theoretically sleeping through the night and into the morning (body clocks are hard to override, but just the opportunity is delicious). We'll miss HR, but honestly not too much. He'll be having a blast with his many attendants, and Monday will come all too soon.

I'll wrap it up with a toast: to my favorite husband, favorite marriage, favorite life.

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