Thursday, October 25, 2012

It Reminds Me of Me

We watched Moonrise Kingdom the other night and, as I generally enjoy Wes Anderson movies, I liked it. But I didn't LOVE it like I loved some others. It was gorgeous to look at of course, the actors were all wonderful, but I feel like it suffered under the weight of all that whimsy. Like I said, I'm not new to the Anderson style and I know that "whimsical" (in concert with "melancholy") is defining, and essential. I even wholly bought into The Life Aquatic with its made-up sea creatures. But for some reason, it didn't feel all the way there like most of his other films. Perhaps the "very special unhappy and misunderstood misfit" trope is starting to wear on me, I don't know. It's not that I don't recommend MK, the scout camp set-up alone was worth the five bucks, but I was just bit disappointed.

I am in no way disappointed in this year's pre-Halloween bounty. I mean, could there BE any more candy in my office right now? I would very much like to eat all the world's sugar but I've gotta pace myself. We're actually planning to do a bit of trick-or-treating next week with HR, I have no idea how it might go, but I'll let you know, and hopefully get a good shot of him in his self-chosen costume.

When I'm driving my car, there are certain songs that come on the radio that cause uncontrollable seat dancing. This is one.

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