Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Good Times Rolling

I went to Kentucky, and all I brought back was a couple of fiddy-cent coloring books for HR. And a bunch of memories of a wedding weekend spent with stellar human beings, so I guess that means it was worth it. It was really a blast, and so good to see people we haven't seen for so long and pick up from where we left off the last time we saw them. It was an honor to be invited to the wedding and be part of the celebration, but more importantly it's an honor to know the bride and the people in our lives that probably wouldn't be there without her. Someday we will get to Israel and see her where she's made her home for the past seven years, but for now, a little trip to Louisville was the fix we needed.

The wedding was absolutely lovely, festive and intimate and fun, and there was also plenty of downtime to just hang out and even get some sleep (we were in bed before our usual bedtime both nights which was sweeeeet). Even in the whirlwind timeframe, this is one of the first trips from which I've returned not feeling like I need a day off to recover.

My child, though happy to have us back, is really missing his grandparents (and great-grandmother and uncle, who rounded out the HR spoiling team). I was missing HR pretty keenly by the time Monday morning rolled around, but our time spent without him was great and necessary, and I'm grateful to my family for giving up their time to babysit. I'm also grateful he gets this time to spend with individual family members on various occasions. I had always hoped to give my child the kind of close family I knew, on both sides, and I can confidently say so far so good with that. I never doubt that he's well cared for by people who love him, but it's also comforting that he knows and adores his caretakers. That's one thing that I can cross off my list of parental worries, though to be honest it never made the list in the first place.

Little getaways have lots of benefits, and one is that they can serve as a reminder to couples why they chose each other initially. To wit: on Sunday morning we were enjoying some lazy, indulgent time like you only do in a hotel, lounging in bed watching Wayne's World as if it was the only thing to do in the world, and I was like, "Breakfast beer?" To which Mike replied, "I was JUST going to say that." It's nearly telepathy between us, but also illustrative of how, you know, the romance never dies. I like to think that every couple saying their vows is looking to that exact sort of magic in their future. For real though, to me, the Wayne's World breakfast beer is an unheard of luxury in workaday life, and that it represents the same to Mike is a pretty clear indicator that we're meant to be.

All right now, make sure you watch this clip because it is truly amazing. 

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