Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Friday, I'm a Radio For You

Friday is the best. I've always loved Fridays, like everyone else (most human Americans at least), because of what they represent: closure and renewal. The end of the tiring traditional workweek, and the start of something unknown, so open with promise and, at the very least, the chance to stay up late and sleep in the next day. Of course nowadays "sleeping in" is rare and means 7 a.m., and my weekends mean a lot less time doing whatever I want and doing more of whatever works for a toddler, but hey, it's still the weekend. My current Friday love, though, is soundly rooted in the idea of a guaranteed start-to-finish with my little family.

Now, you will never hear me complain about our busy hodgepodge of a week, because it's the byproduct of what we need to do to run our family the way we want. In order to have HR home with a parent, we needed to get creative, job-wise. And that meant taking turns being at work, pretty much. I like working outside of the home, I enjoy my job and it's cool being the breadwinner (even if I can't totally finance us on my salary alone). Mike's a natural at being the primary caregiver, and HR is thriving. I know the kid would do just fine in daycare, but I'm happy we were able to avoid that route for now. It does, however, mean that complete family time is at a premium. This is where Friday shows itself to be especially valuable. Thanks to my kind and flexible work superiors, I was able to wrangle Friday as a work-from-home day. I still have to do my work, obviously, but that extra day of not being away from home means little things like, getting a chance to put HR down for his nap, and being there when he wakes. Having Mama and Daddy there for bath, and bedtime. Getting to have lunch together, and being at home with the boy so Mike can get errands done and we can dedicate the evening to hanging out, the two of us. Sometimes if we plan to travel on the weekends, we get to our destination early so I can work from there and the boys can get a jump on enjoying. There is no other day of the week where we get to do this. It costs my employers nothing, hell they even save money by not having me use electricity and water and whatnot at the office. Simply put, it's an easy way for them to show that they value an employee. Everyone wins. 

I know everything will change once HR is in school, but I don't have a clear plan of how (other than, maybe, Mike will get a break every now and again from always being "on"). It's cool, we don't need to. It's years away. For now, I just value this time together. I am so grateful for my Fridays, I couldn't even put a price on what it means.

This song has nothing to do with anything except I heard it yesterday and it's a good'un. 

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