Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To the Sea, the Sea

Quick SYTYCD note: I know we're only at the top 14, but I am calling the finale right now: Amy, Fik-Shun, Jasmine H. and Aaron. I think Jasmine or Amy will win. Possibly Mackenzie will emerge, Janine style, and bump one of the other ladies out. I just love the pairings so much as they are I can't imagine it, though. The biggest surprise for me this season has been Paul, who is great at everything. And though I feel bad for the hip-hop dancer who had to step down from the top 20 before the show even started because he was injured, I'm grateful that Aaron got to take his place. Dance crush 2013. Besides, that dude already won ABDC so he's not so bad off.

And now, another installment in Vacation Cometh. This will be HR's fourth year doing the seaside extravaganza, and this is the first year out of the four that I am looking forward to with absolute positivity. No reservations. Each year since he was born has had its charms, but it was not without some glaring pain-in-the-ass factor. Yes, every summer proved to be better, easier, more relaxing, and more fun than the last. But this year is absolutely special because this year he's looking forward to it. He has his own happy memories from last year, and that warms my heart like you don't even know. He's established a history with our family, he has relationships and associations, and he's poised to be a total blast. Sure the car ride will be about as fun as ever. And his refusal to go to the bathroom anywhere but his own little potty makes things challenging at times (though more challenging in the city than in the wilderness). But those are tiny inconveniences in the face of all that good, good stuff. I'm not even slightly concerned about his sleeping this year, I think we've turned that corner. The child has tasted a s'more, people. And from that, there is no going back.

Soon it will be here, so soon. I am the picture of serenity... until it's time to get on the g. d. road already.

Confession: I had no idea that Robert Plant was in Led Zeppelin until I was in college, maybe older.