Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to the Meantime

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, we scheduled this year's vacation a bit differently in order to get a chance to see everyone and to maximize our time off. That meant going up for a bit this weekend, and coming back. I knew it would be a tease, but I thought, hey, I'll go back and have a huge chunk of time to look forward to when I return, so it'll be OK. And it is OK, I'm still super psyched about going back for the long haul, but it's surreal to be at my desk this morning with my hair still smelling of campfire (after two washings) when I know that most of my family's at the beach.

The weekend jaunt was definitely worth it. Generations of relatives were represented, from my 91-year-old grandmother to my cousin's four-month-old (looottta babies this year, holy moly). HR had a great time, but he also really rolled with it, not having any problem with coming back home. The weather was crappy, frankly, and the sun only came out the hour before we had to leave but whatever, it's always fun because of who's there. Now I have my preview of what's to come, and the next few days can't go by quickly enough.

I've decided to keep a bit of the vacation mindset even as I exist in the real world, getting things done but also not quite sticking to a routine. Mentally, I'm still on the island, and my free time is being used for preparation to go back. I can't wait to get my toes in the sand and exhale. In the meantime, chill when I can, knock things off the to-do list as needed. I like this song, guys.

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