Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Say it With Priest

I am in a creative rut, and I should very much like to whine about it, but in the spirit of America I will keep a stiff upper lip and fake it until I'm inspired. The nobility, it is staggering.

Aside from my own artistic turmoil, I'm having good feelings about the next stretch of days. This is for lots of reasons, and one big one is because I've got a true three-day weekend coming up. I traded working the holiday in the office for my usual Friday working at home. We don't have a July 4th tradition, and someone's got to hold down the fort in the workplace, so it might as well be me, and I might as well get three days in a row when I don't have to even check email. That makes me sound pretty spoiled, I guess I am, but I'm still psyched about it.

Along those lines, our big annual vacation is coming up in just a hair over three weeks, and though I am beyond, beyond craving the ocean and stars and campfires and family time, I'm in no rush for it to get here, because the sooner it comes, the sooner it will be over. We're mixing it up this year, not going for a full two weeks camping out as we have in the past, and though a part of me is sad to miss the entire fortnight, I only have so much vacation time, and I have a whole other family to spend time with. Any way you slice it, I come out looking like one lucky jerk. Which I am. Most of it has nothing to do with me, just circumstance. But I'm grateful for it, and if you think I'm apologetic or guilty about that, well...

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