Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ode to Laziness

I would not describe myself as lazy, as a personality trait. I get my stuff done and all that. But as far as what I aspire to do in my life, the thing that I enjoy most, is to revel in laziness. Peter Gibbons is my actual hero (minus all the stealing). There's nothing I love more than having a stretch of time to do whatever. Read. Watch something. Noodle around. I'm an excellent noodler. I also have a fondness for the aimless wander. I like to do things, play games, go for walks, float in the water, whatever whatever, but for vacations I seek out the ones that allow me the maximum amount of do-nothing. Excursions? Adventure? I've never regretted any time that I've been active on a vacation, but really, I like to free-form it.

On the whole I don't ever feel compelled to be busy. Sometimes you can't avoid being busy, and that's fine, it's life and not worthy of complaint. I just expressly dislike being overscheduled. That's why I love the idea of summer so much, it supports my leisurely tendencies. Said tendencies definitely inform my parenting style. HR and I do a lot of chilllling when I'm in charge. If I were the primary at-home caregiver, it would be different. Kids need activities and structure and new experience, and parents need something to break the monotony. But most of the time when it's just him and me, we stay close to home, reading books, moving from toy to toy, anything goes. I know that as he gets older and starts school and sports or what-have-you, these languid days will be few and far between so I'm really embracing them. It's not my plan to have him in an activity every day of the week, but as he grows and expresses interest in things, I definitely want to support that and keep him engaged. But for now, HR is definitely taking after me, vibe-wise. Not that Mike is a go-go guy, unless it's in terms of necessity (his brutal work schedule). We're well matched in that we love to do the same type of nothing. Our entertainment budget covers eating, drinking, and not much else and we both like it that way. It'll be really interesting to see how the boy turns out. I think we're just a really mellow family.

Being lazy is awesome. Time now to get busy, so I can continue to support my laziness habit.

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