Thursday, May 23, 2013

With Content Like This, It's a Wonder I'm Not Star of All Blogs

Today is my 12-year blogaversary. Not of this blog obviously, but of when I started writing online in my secret-yet-public diary. That is a lifetime ago. I can't believe I'm still doing it, but I can't imagine not doing it. For all of its occasional pointlessness, engaging in this pursuit has brought untold richness into my life. I can't even tell you.

I'm incredibly pumped for this coming weekend. Not because we're doing anything special, I mean some fun things, but the weather is supposed to be like, March-awful and really I'm most thrilled because Mike, HR and I will get some real togetherness time--an extra day of it, even--and that is the rarest lately. The other night after dinner we were in the living room before Mike had to go to work, and HR took in the scene and said, "The whole family is watching a movie!" He notices so much, even when I don't notice him noticing.

Potty training is going amazingly well - something has clicked for the dude, and though there are occasional accidents, we're really on our way. It's a good feeling. Now to get him signed up for preschool in the fall and I will earn a passing grade in "bare minimum parenting." Fingers crossed!

J. Cole, no fluke.

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