Tuesday, May 28, 2013

If Your Cup is Full

I truly didn't want the weekend to be over. It had everything, from seeing old friends to hanging with current ones, playing games (Cards for Humanity - which is the. bomb.), making the best of the miserable Saturday weather by going on a puddle walk to get ice cream, and later that night huddling with blankets, wine and bad TV. Sunday was a peaceful HR-and-mama day, and Monday, the most glorious day, I got to go to my boy's Monday music class, and later Mike, HR and I crossed the river to get some outrageously good barbecue and meandered home on foot. We even got a start on the new Arrested Development. The best part was having so much unstructured time with my favorite guys, the rarest of gifts. Aside from the odd three-year-old meltdown, life's been pretty fun.

Many people I know and love have served their country, and though I don't observe Memorial Day with any particular ceremoniousness, I am always grateful to my grandfathers, and uncles, and every person who has given so much for this country. While I'm also grateful that my dad's draft number was too high to send him to Vietnam and that my brother and husband came of age in a time when they were able to choose not to enter into military service, I can't even imagine what it is like to knowingly do what these generations of people did so that, basically, I can write swears on the internet and go about this beautiful, easy life without a second thought. So that I can take this for granted, even on the day dedicated to remembrance.

I'm not a big Deadhead, but this is the gentle note on which I'd like to go out today.

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