Monday, May 20, 2013

Hack Job

Mondays and me writing in my blog: we're just not that into one other.

I will say that this past weekend was terrific. I'm exhausted from fun and family love and being out too late and potty training. About that last bit, I actually don't mind the process, especially since I think we're rounding the corner on success, but it's so much more work than changing diapers at this point. It requires vigilance, son. And vigilance is the enemy of relaxation. But for better or worse, everything is temporary. It's all good. That's enough platitude rehash for one paragraph.

Expect a mushy, detailed recap tomorrow. Or, if you don't like mushy and detailed recaps, smell you later because that's pretty much my one note. Oh wait, I do have one other note and that is maniacal write-ups about So You Think You Can Dance. If you come around for those, you too will be in luck sometime in the next few weeks once I catch up with my DVR.

Straight ballin', per uzhe.

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