Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chrome Heart Shining in the Sun

One of Mike's dad's cousins, an artist and now-retired art professor, had a showing of his work at his college's gallery in New York, so this past weekend that side of the family seized the opportunity to get together en masse. It was a very cool experience for us, because we got the chance to see people for more than 10 minute chunks at the Bar Mitzvah table, and get a different glimpse into their lives. There were even family members in attendance we'd not yet met. It was especially gratifying to get HR into the mix, because he sees my family all the time, and his immediate family on Mike's side as well, but this leg of extended family was all new to him. He latched on to Mike's cousin's two kids immediately, it was pretty sweet, and that alone made the long day of driving worth it. They are both a bit older than him, but were very good sports regarding his adoration. Days later, he wants me to tell him about his new friend/cousins as he drifts off to sleep.

I have to say I was dreading the trip, not because of the event itself, but because of HR's track record of misery on car trips. But he was a champ through both three-hour journeys, talking and singing and playing with toys and sleeping a bit. There was a dramamine failure on the way down resulting in my kid rocking the last hour of the drive in just a diaper, but we've ridden this rodeo enough times to remember to pack lots of extra clothes, baby wipes and plastic grocery bags. I'm so happy we didn't miss out. Family has always been top priority in my life, but having a child has compounded the importance to me.

Today my beloved grandfather would have been 89. I'm notoriously bad with birthdays, but I always remember Pup's. I guess if I get to be 89 and have my wits about me, I'll be celebrating it even then.

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