Thursday, May 16, 2013

To Revisit Upon Future Parental Freakouts

I took an unexpected blog break this week, just because I'm feeling pretty content, and content's boring. I mean, this will be boring too because I'm in the same headspace, but I do want to say that we're in the throes of both potty training and operation big boy bed, and we're failing in new and different ways every day, but it's OK. We're making progress in some ways too, and I've just gotten super zen about it. Of course I want what's best for HR, but part of that depends on me maintaining a level of calm while we work on things. Being pressured doesn't work for me in most things. Does it work for anyone? So gentle and steady is the way we've decided to go with this latest round of changes, and that goes for us too. It doesn't make sense for the parents to be secretly stressed out. We always get there, even if it's behind (an imaginary, arbirtrary) schedule. And all in all we're happy and healthy and having a ton of fun with our three-year-old piece of work. So our washing machine is seeing an uptick in loads of tiny underpants. So I froze to death lying on the floor to coax HR back to sleep in his own bed
at midnight last night. So I caved in and brought him into our warm comfy bed when he re-awoke at three a.m. That was one night. Tonight could be different. Or it might not. The thing is, it's just life, and it would be a shame if I missed out on being in the sweet spot by letting the little irks steal the spotlight.  

Let's have a little Rick Springfield up in this piece!

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