Thursday, May 2, 2013


POST 500! As of today, I've written in this thing 500 times. Holy guacamole. Never mind that 499 1/2 of the entries were about sleeping (or not sleeping), that's a cuckoo amount of time I've put into my online dumping ground over the past three years. A ton of major events have transpired, in my life and in the larger world. And yet I have nothing to give you today that is *500* worthy. It's too much pressure. I'll just make note of it, and get back to the business of my every day blabbity bloo. And probably make personal observance in the form of a milkshake in the sunshine.

Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting and bearing with me when I'm dead boring. My own compulsion to write for an audience was the kindling for Joyberrypie (I still think the name, chosen in haste, is too cutesy and ill-fitting. What are you gonna do?) but it's you beauties who keep the fire going. I celebrate you times 500.

Will she really link another Daft Punk song? Oh, yes she will.

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