Thursday, May 9, 2013

S'Awful Nice

Today's a pretty great day. Mike and HR came over to this side of the river for a change of scenery, and we got to have lunch together. Now they're taking the train back home and my workday is more than half over. Score! There's already a smack of celebration in the air as we slide into the weekend, because my younger coworker is getting married on Saturday, and we're all gearing up for the party. I mean, it's not the same as if it were my close friend or family member getting hitched, but it should be a lovely time.

I joke that this coworker is my protegee because our life paths our so weirdly similiar: we both ended up at our current place of work out of college after volunteering here, and were both drawn to the job because our middle sisters had brain tumors and our families stayed here during their treatments. We attended the same small women's college, and we both went to Paris second semester junior year. There are some other things, but really, I think that effectively demonstrates the eerieness. I've been along for the wedding planning ride, and I'm looking forward to being there for the actual happy event.

It's weird, though, going to a coworker's wedding. I've been at this job for nearly 16 years, and I've had the same long-married coworkers until this recent bride was hired, so this is the first work-related wedding I've ever gone to (not counting my own). Considering I see my coworkers more than most people in my life, it shouldn't feel like a strange thing. But as close as we are in some ways, I think we all like to keep a barrier between home and work life. There's an unspoken agreement that we don't friend each other on social media. We care about each other, and are interested in each other's lives, but it's just... different. I know it will be fun, but in a more subdued way than most weddings I've attended. And that's totally cool. In any case, I get to have a night out with Mike, and if I can make it through the whole evening without killing myself in the awesome but scary high heels I got to go with my goin' to weddin' dress, all the better.

Hey, the lilacs are out for a blip. These are smashing times.

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