Monday, March 4, 2013

Heart Hugs

GUYS. My beautiful guys. My friends and cheerleaders and conciglieres. I love you all, so very much, and I can't accurately express how much I appreciate your collective embrace but this is an attempt. Really, thank you.

This morning I had my MRI, and, thanks in part to your wonderfully helpful comments, it was a piece of cake. It helps a bit that I don't consider myself claustrophobic - I have had moments where I've felt it, but it's not an overarching condition. Knowledge was definitely power here, and since I went in armed with a good idea what to expect (and a little yoga breathing at the initial entry in the tunnel), it was a breeze. I'd even say restful, if you pretend you're listening to construction out the window or listening to a Boredoms CD while trying nap. So that's one part down. And now we play... the waiting game.

I don't know what's in store for me, but I do know whatever it is, I'm already at the end of the rainbow and my loved ones are the pot of gold.

Yes, I got the idea for this song from last night's "Girls." Judy's never been my favorite, but she is awesome in her own way, and her appearance on the show reminded me of that and also that she has the most gorgeous hair on the planet. She is the only exception to my extremely judgmental attitude about long hair after a certain age (that's 14 or so, for most people).

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