Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Also, Marriage Equality. Honestly, Who's Not On Board?

Happy Passover, if that's your thing. We had a nice seder yesterday, hosted by Mike's brother's family, and though he ended the evening with an overtired meltdown, HR had a blast with his cousins. He turned up his nose at all the amazing food that wasn't hard boiled eggs or dessert, but you know and I know by now that toddlers are weird. I was happy to eat his share and enjoy the fine company. And now we begin the countdown to Easter candy. If you think food is my religion, you are probably not too far off.

This morning HR took it upon himself to use the potty. He didn't say, "hey Ma, get me on the toilet," or anything, but he was open to my suggestion, did his business, and did not demand a reward after. I was pretty shocked, myself. I do not think this in any way indicates that he's even close to trained, but it showed an awareness that's very encouraging. I haven't even thought about stressing out in regard to potty training, he just didn't present as ready to me so what was the point? But this feels like less of a one-off fluke than the beginning of something. (ETA: as I was getting ready to hit publish, I got a call from home notifying me that we've had another successful potty experience. So, that's pretty cool.) I just realized he'll be three a month from tomorrow. Three, that is a very substantial age, so strange to look at on paper or in my mind's eye. 3? I don't even know what to make of it. Obviously it's great, I'm so lucky for every year. But wow, did that go fast.

I'm feeling pretty rooted in nostalgia topped off with a dollop of spring fever today, so here's a song that reminds me of my semester abroad (mmmph years ago). I think I don't actually like this, but it makes me smile to hear it.

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